peace of mind on the shore of Lake Baikal
Siberian residence "Ice"
Hunters and businesspeople with eco-consciousness. Founders
and managing directors of the residence - married couple Natalya
and Dmitry. When hundreds of hotels were built on the shore of
Baikal without passing any ecological expertise - Natalya and Dmitry committed themselves to adhere to the highest eco
standards before building commenced.

The residence is truly uncontested for connoisseurs of premium service if they find themselves in the South of Lake Baikal.

Advantages of the residence:
  • Secluded place right on the shore of Lake Baikal. Here is your personal beach where no one will disturb you
  • A unique restaurant with real Baikal cuisine, where following the traditions of real hunters, everything is prepared right in the restauran
  • Exquisite chalets designed to receive guests of the highest order
We have designed the chalet with the intent that the feeling of home should not leave you for even a second. We offer your own promenade, exclusive interiors and personal attention to each guest!

A cozy house overlooking the promenade and endless majestic panoramas of Lake Baikal. People who stay in this chalet know to appreciate not merely a quality holiday, but one full of special attention, sincere emotions and unforgettable experiences!

Holiday on the shore of Lake Baikal will be remembered not only by its serenity and a complete emotional reboot, but also by that precious opportunity to spend your valuable time with your loved ones.

This is a detached chalet in which you will enjoy complete privacy and tranquillity. The room is also marked by its refined furnishings, luxury furniture and designer interior - which is why our wealthy guests tend to prefer it. Large windows overlook Lake Baikal and features a private promenade.
Dive into thorough relaxation in the truly Siberian way – for you here are two bathhouses close to the chalets as well as the Siberian Barrel of Youth – an open air hot pool.
We invite you to our unique bathhouse, which is furnished with alder, linden and Canadian cedar, has a capacity for 6 people and direct access to Lake Baikal.

Canadian cedar has a pronounced coniferous smell and the finest balsamic aroma of the essential oils within the wood has known health benefits.
Also in our steam room there are niches filled with Himalayan salt, whose healing properties will relieve you of chronic fatigue. At high temperatures, the activity of this mineral increases significantly.

The air becomes filled with negative ions of salt becoming antiseptic. This has a great effect on the bronchi and sinuses. The microclimate is similar to marine air.
If you wish, you can visit our spruce barrel, which is a great way to feel rejuvenated, light and healthy.

Siberian Youth Barrel, at the price of 5000 rubles for two hours, is truly like a fairy tale, allowing you to bask in warm water on the fresh air.
Authentic Baikal cuisine is love from the first bite. The dishes of fish and game, cooked with taiga herbs over an open fire - smoking and curing often distinguishes Siberian cuisine from European and provides for a typical, original flavour.
The Taiga has given us the best fruits and berries, which, combined with organic farm products, turn an ordinary breakfast into a statement of hedonism.
We carefully developed the best combinations of ingredients for you, found the most distinctive flavours and created a menu, whose dishes will allow you to truly experience the full taste of a Siberian holiday.

We have not only the zest for life, but also the zest for well-made food, we took more than a year to select the ideal candidate for the role of our chef.
Now we have full confidence that we deliver just the right gastronomical experiences to our guests' table.
To come to Baikal and never taste the juicy buuz or Baikal fish is to miss out on the essentials of your Baikal holiday.
The price varies depending on the number of people and the date of stay.
The price below is indicated for one night stay:
Capacity: 2 people
Area: 28 m²
11 000 rubles
Capacity: 2 people
Area: 28 m²
13 000 rubles
Capacity: 2 people
Area: 28 m²
20 000 rubles
Your can reach us via:
phone: +7 (958) 756-89-48
or fill out the form below
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Your can reach us via:
phone:+7 (958) 756-89-48
or fill out the form below
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The residence is located on the south coast of the lake, close to important attractions of Baikal Region, such as Olkhon Island, Circum-Baikal Railway, Sayan Mountains and one of the oldest mountain ranges on the planet - Hamar-Daban.

Take a look at the map and imagine your journey full of new experiences, rocky mountains, pure air and amazing people!
Phone: +7 (958) 756-89-48

Slyudyansky district
the village Mangutai
st. Baikalskaya, 1v