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Slava Zaitsev
I'm really grateful to Oleg Gendin and the Mesto Sily team for recreation organized and hosting my runway shows on Lake Baikal!
Elizaveta Prelovskaya
Kudos to Ksenia and Mesto Sily for such an awesome vacation!

Our family has spent several vacations at the wonderful Baikal Prestige villa. My favorite thing about it is the cozy atmosphere, fantastic swimming pool, amazing banya our family love so-so much. We also want to thank our host Ksenia who's always there for her guests and satisfies all of our wishes and needs on the full scale.

I strongly recommend spend your vacation at this wonderful place with majestic energy. In a few days, you'll feel yourself come clean mentally and ready to take action.
Evgenia Ostapchuk
I'd like to say thank you to Natalia and Mesto Sily team for an amazing vacation.

I stayed at Ice Siberian Residency. It's serene and beautiful here, the atmosphere is also loving and caring. It's such a rarity these days to find a place that nurtures your soul. And at the same time, Baikal can boost your energy.
Rinel Sagdeev
Go to the balcony and admire the wonderful view. Emerald-green trees, mountains and fantastic view of Baikal.

Run outside, don't put on any shoes and climb unhurriedly to the top of the mountain. The view is majestic there; the landscapes are stunning. You can sit there and daydream, make plans, enjoy the surroundings and watch. The beauty is blinding, you feel a strong urge to climb there again and again to keep on watching the world. So beautiful!

Everyone's thrilled, both kids and adults. The energy boost will last for a day, week, month or even a year. It's simply wonderful. The banya is wonderful; the pool is amazing. It's quite deep, you can dive all you want which is great!

In the evening, we always light the bonfire, make meat and fish BBQ, converse with each other – what a delight! The atmosphere of a solitary shelter far from the city bustle and hustle encourages you to relax and enjoy your life, nature, contact with your close ones. You can relax physically and mentally. You should definitely try spending some time here and coming again from time to time for a regular dose of delight and pleasure. And pleasure – without any vulgar subtext – is one of our main life goals, something that makes us feel good. Thank you.
Sofia and Alexander Sokol
A big thank you to the whole Baikal Power team for our vacation!

First thing I want to talk about the Baikal Prestige villa. The location is very convenient near one of the best and warmest gulfs of Maloe More. Villa's territory is fenced off and safe, which is very good when you come here with kids. Safe and convenient for a car drive, descent parking lot, everything's secure.

Nice heated pool, very conveniently placed. You can take a banya, run outside and immediately plunge down into the warm pool water. That's really cool!

If you want a vacation at Baikal, close to Mother Nature yet not far from the comfortable accommodation and five-star service, Baikal Prestige villa should be your first choice.

This comment is from a fishing enthusiast rather than a family man. The house is perfect. My friends and I were fishing at Baikal for some time, then we returned back to the continental part of Irkutsk Oblast and decided to have a rest at Baikal Prestige villa. The house can accommodate up to 5-6 people. An amazing banya with a pool. You can pay some extra cash for the food so you don't have to worry about the cooking. I definitely recommend you the service of Baikal Power team.
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